Your satisfaction is our priority, that's why our return policy has been designed with you and your needs in mind.

We treat returns on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate goal of making our customers happy. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your items. We will gladly accept your return or exchange if it is in its original condition.

If there is a problem with the quality or workmanship of the items, you may return them in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please follow the instructions below or contact us.

Within 14 days of delivery of the package, you may return one or more items and choose to receive other items as a replacement or exercise your right of withdrawal.

Returns will only be made for new, intact and undamaged items.

We have the right to refuse a refund for an item that, in our opinion, has already been worn or damaged.

We always check your order before dispatching it. Quality is our top priority, it always has been and always will be.

If our package differs from the one you ordered, we will replace it with a new one free of charge. 

How do I return the goods?

Please return the item(s) using the original shipping box and packaging materials. 

If you have requested a size change, we will ship a new one in the required size.

If you have requested an item change, we will create a GIFT CARD for the same amount as the item you returned. You can use it to purchase other items of interest to you.

You may return the item(s) to the address we will provide using any shipping method at your own expense. As soon as we receive the package, we will proceed to an exchange or a quick refund according to your request. 


Refunds :

We will credit the refund to your Paypal account  in less than a week.

How do I return an item with a quality or manufacturing problem?

If you have a problem with the quality or workmanship of your clothing, please contact us by email at

If you have any questions about the return procedure, please contact us at